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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Revolution microphone

Hello everyone,

I am starting to enjoy this a lot hahaha. I haven´t made a blog before, it´s like a new baby for me. Please forgive me if I am a bit heavy and egocentric talking about me and the blog hahaha but its about time to pass the initial effect.

Ok so the title is called "Revolution microphone" for something... yes, We had the mic in front of our eyes for all this months. Like in 4 distinct patents we could see in the diagram that there are two types of audio input, and 1 audio output. The output goes to the speakers. The inputs are from 2 distinct sources. The first one comes from a "Mass Storage Access Device" in a type of "streaming audio" towards the Audio/Graphics procesor (red block to yellow block). As we can see in the diagram below this "Mass Sotrage Access Device" are Discs... and the input could be audio effects and soundtrack from the game itself (Disc).

But the other input comes from nowhere (blue block)... This is the text from the patent

Audio codec 122 can receive audio inputs via a buffer 124 and provide them to graphics and audio processor 114 for processing (e.g., mixing with other audio signals the processor generates and/or receives via a streaming audio output of mass storage access device 106).

So it seems that audio comes from other source than the discs so from what type of periferial or inner system can come??? There are not many answers for this. A mic is the most realistic answer. Also mentions a buffer (number 124) from this audio input. The buffer can send the analog audio (voice) through the codec (green block) so it can transforme the analog audio to digital one, so the audio/graphics processor can work with it. An then we can continue to a more detail explanation how this mic could work with Revolution... see the next diagram

The patent says

Audio interface and mixer 1300 interfaces with audio codec 122, and can also mix audio from different sources (e.g., streaming audio from mass storage access device 106, the output of audio DSP 156, and external audio input received via audio codec 122).

This is a representation of the Graphics and audio processor (light blue). We have the memory interface and the audio memory itself (blue and purple blocks). The audio interface and mixer (yellow block) receives input from the streaming audio in and from the codec (red and green block) and also from the Audio DSP (Audio rendering maybe?). So remember that the codec (green) outputs to the speakers, but inputs from this buffer that I think comes from the mic. When the audio from the codec gets to the Graphics and audio processor in a digital signal it can be "interpreted" so maybe audio commands like the DS could be possible for Revolution. It is not so difficult to think a mic can be added cause isn`t a costly feature and can help getting less buttons on the controller, right? A simple command like "shoot" can make 1 less button and it could be possible to plug a mic to the wand through its port.

And the most important fact of all. I think Iwata or Miyamoto commented that a feature of Revolution could be very well receive by women... so let me think if talking is something that women like to do... mmmmmm just thinking.

If this is the ultimate Revolution secret? I don´t know but It could be. OR maybe this 3D display issue can be the ultimate one? I want to believe. That would be discussed in another moment.

Thanks to all that are reading this blog and making comments.


  • Excelent Work Yanko, you are doing a great work joining all this information that can be found on the web but on separate matters, thank you, and once again, GOOD WORK ;)

    By Anonymous Yayo, at 9:17 PM  

  • Good work Yanko and nice blogwith good articles!
    Another blog to look everyday as falafelkid's one!
    Luca S. (Italy)

    By Anonymous Luca S. (Italy), at 5:51 AM  

  • Thank you a lot luca s.
    I was reading and viewing many things in the info on the Internet about Revolution that no one was talking about. I really wanted to post comment in other sites but I thought that it was enough relevant and interesting to be just posted in comments. So that´s why this blog exists.

    By Blogger Yanko Heinze, at 6:22 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger emmiranda, at 6:58 PM  

  • Oye Yanko, que bueno que un mexicano anda analizando estas cosas, parece que los gringos no son los únicos que andan metidos en esas cosas, es bueno saber que aqui tenemos a personas como tu.

    Me impresionó saber que eras de Naucalpan, yo vivo en Zumpango y estudio en Izcalli, igual ando muy metido en estas ondas (mi vicio es leer diario noticias y algunos rumores). No se si uses MSN Messenger pa que te pueda agregar.

    Lo del microfono pues igual y es una idea que están ya implementando en todo lo que puedan. Empezaron probando en el Cubo, después con el DS, el Rev era más obvio, pero la pregunta es cómo afectará esto. En el Cubo no vemos mucha interacción, ya que Mario Party 6-7 es un poco difícil jugar con eso, en el DS no muchos ejemplos, me imagino por las limitaciones de la consola, pero en el Rev aplicado a juegos sería interesante, pues se supone que ya mejoraron su recepción del sonido (supongo que ya viste lo de la patente que aparece en la pantalla el texto del tamaño y color de tu estado de ánimo al momento de hablar). Igual y sólo lo aplican para comunicarse en línea, pero bueno, es Nintendo, no creo que se limiten a eso =P

    By Blogger emmiranda, at 7:08 PM  

  • Muchas Felicidades por el Blog Yanko y muchas gracias por ofrecer un aspecto técnico sobre el funcionamiento de la consola. Realmente me dió mucho gusto llegar a tu blog (cortesía de Falafelkid) y poder darme un break de tantos rumores sin sentido. Tu blog ya es un bookmark obligado en mi lectura diaria. Felicidades y nuevamente Gracias!!

    By Blogger kame, at 10:34 PM  

  • Muchísimas gracias por sus comentarios. Mi MSN es yaheys@hotmail.com espero poder charlar con ustedes. Como verán no lo actualizo muy seguido ya que tengo mucha chamba y no hay mucho tiempo para los hobbies, aparte de que la información es lenta referente al Revolution. Espero terminar pronto unos articulos para subirlos al blog.

    By Blogger Yanko Heinze, at 4:55 PM  

  • nice work! it might actually be true and if it is, you can bet that there will be some practical use for it.

    By Anonymous Erika, at 10:02 AM  

  • Wow! Great stuff man, as others have said it's nice to see los paisas get into things like these...buen trabajo amigo.

    By Anonymous PsychoFox, at 7:11 PM  

  • the makes perfect sense and the diagrams help

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 PM  

  • this makes perfect sense. the diagrams help a lot too

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